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General Discussion / Anti SIM Blocking Solution
« on: May 25, 2018, 06:02:44 AM »
VoIP services for your business customers. This includes AV Filter Switch, AV Switch, Enterprise VoIP Business, Residential VoIP, WholeSale Billing and more, all under your own brand.

AoneVoice Developed advancehttp://www.aonevoice.com/anti-sim-blocking-solution/ Anti Sim Blocking Solution which stop the machine, robot and unwanted calls which can be harmful for your termination end.

If you pass calls from test call generator (TCG), your SIM card will be blocked. Mobile operators analyse CDRs and if they find matches with generated test calls, they block the SIM.  how to filter (block) the test calls and protect your SIM from blocking. he developed algorithms to recognize and block the test calls. If you are interested, please try the software installed on our server.

The working of of our AV Filter Switch is based on certain rules, checks and settings as per location.It also include the rule of Whitelist and Blacklist to stop the machine calls, which helps the system to pass actual calls only  not machine or auto-generated.

oneVoice offer residential VoIP which is a great option for our clients who are hoping to increase their customer base. AOneVoice offers trusted residential VoIP services for your customers and resellers.

 http://www.aonevoice.com/av-filter-switch/ is based on certain IVR checks which helps the system establish that it is being operated by a live person and not a virtual machine.


VoIP Software / International Premium rate number Billing
« on: May 25, 2018, 05:54:04 AM »
Business organizations can use our scalable Premium Rate Number Billing Solution to ensure that they do not have a problem when the business expands.

User-friendly Reseller platform is a sophisticated online tool that is perfect for those clients who wish to become resellers of International Premium Rate numbers. The platform gives you the ability to create your own International sub-accounts for your customers & to allocate International Premium Rate numbers to the sub-accounts that you choose. You can view real-time live call stats for all of your International Premium Rate numbers & also download detailed historical call reports for all of the International Premium Rate numbers that you have allocated to your clients.

 Premium Rate Number Billing Solution for service providers to manage and provide international and domestic Premium numbers. With monthly rental or a one-time purchase option, users can run their own services using customized looks and under their own brand.

It can be useful for customers who need a missed call registration system, those who have an audio chat system or an agent chat system. Even call centers and DID forwarding can utilize IPRN.

AoneVoice, a sub-ordinate branch of principal company Angstle Technologies Pvt.Ltd. At the threshold of AoneVoice we deploy telephony Solutions, softwares, applications.

AoneVoice is a complete package of all softwares and Solutions who is competent to manage a remarkable number of clients of VoIP industry around the satisfactorily. With a steady growth year by year we are able to meet short and long term business needs.

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